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Which are the top directories?

We at Pixilex have researched the top directories that an advertising or a marketing agency need to be listed to be found. We have listed the top 5 in our report.


Most of the directories provide listings and enable you to sort or filter by various categories such as Geography, type, category, industry, competencies, specialization and team etc.. This enables clients to filter agencies and choose the ones that is closest to what they are looking for.

The Top Five:

1. Ad forum www.adforum.com
2. Agency compile www.agencycompile.com
3. Advertising age www.adage.com
4. Agency list www.agencylist.org
5. Agency finder www.agencyfinder.com

Some of the agencies directories offer a free and a premium membership. Directory websites such as Ad forum www.adforum.com provide numerous filters for clients that are interested.
Directory websites such as Agency List provide city specific directories under a broad category. Refer Agency list www.agencylist.org to see examples.

It is important for agencies to list themselves in local / regional directories especially if their services are location specific.

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