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Given the high amount of activity in today's digital marketing, it is possible to get carried away on what other marketers are doing and try and keep up with them, whether it is video marketing, blogs, emails, search engine marketing, SEO, etc.

It is not essential that we do all types of marketing. One must strategically choose which marketing channels and tools to use, because only few of them really create value and success for your marketing campaigns. One such strategically chosen marketing channel is Social Media.

Customers constantly check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social accounts throughout the day. With the ease of access through smartphone and mobile devices, it gets easier to be online.

This creates a temptation for marketers to spend money, time and effort in being present in all platforms, which is not the best thing to do.

Facebook is one channel which is important to be continually present in and here are five reasons It should be on your marketing strategy.

  • 1. Your target Audience is on Facebook
  • 2. Facebook advertising is cost-efficient
  • 3. Facebook enables targeted marketing
  • 4. Facebook enables you to easily identify Qualified Leads
  • 5. Facebook helps convert Leads that are indecisive

1. Your target Audience is on Facebook
Facebook has a super large user base of about 1.4 billion users across the globe, and 900 million visits every day. Facebook provides businesses with huge advertising opportunity. Pixilex can help you on your Facebook advertising strategy.
2. Facebook advertising is cost-efficient
One of the key reasons to advertise is the amount that the traction from organic activity alone on your business page will not get you heard and keep you above the noise. Facebook ads cost much lesser than online marketing channels cost. For example, your small business can reach 200 people who visit your site with just five dollars a day. If you are cash-crunched, you can set daily budgets based on your capability to spend so you don't exceed your budgets. Keeping the low costs aside, the efficiency of the ad platform will enable you to have a clearer strategy and focus. Pixilex can help you with your Facebook advertising budgets.
3. Facebook enables targeted marketing
You can target a specific group or audience by filtering based on demography, geography, interests, languages locations etc. and filter out categories that do not meet your business objectives and those you would like to ignore. Pixilex can help you achieve your targeted marketing goals.
4. Facebook enables you to easily identify Qualified Leads
After you have the target captive audience that are high on conversion, you can use the lookalike feature that enables you to target similar audiences who may be interested in your business. Such features with the help of big data such as installed data from mobile apps or fans from your page can help increase your conversion. You can define the target options to match the lookalikes however you see fit. This eliminates manual work and enables specific target for customer acquisition helping you achieve your revenue goals. Pixilex can help you identify qualified leads.
5. Facebook helps convert Leads that are indecisive
By using the remarketing strategy, you can push customers that have visited your site but are on the fence to be remarketed, thereby enabling them to make the purchase decision. Your PPC leads can be targeted through Facebook ads in this remarketing strategy to enable conversion. Pixilex can help you convert on the fence leads.

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    Facebook advertising for business seems to work best in a B2C enviroment than B2B.

    Jul 16, 2016, at 10:27  Reply

    We will post articles relevant to Facebook for Business, Remember to bookmark our Pixilex blog page.

  • July 16, 2016, at 10:37  Reply

    Targeted marketing seems to be the best reason for Facebook Ads.

  • July 16, 2016, at 11:30  Reply

    We will be posting an article on Google Adwords as well.

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