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In the age of marketing where Digital outperforms print, it is crucial to have a Twitter marketing strategy. Given that TV, radio and newspaper advertising can be expensive, Twitter comes to the rescue in terms of targeted advertising and cost effectiveness.
Pay per click or PPC is a Google AdWords tool that enables businesses to increase customer connect while they are searching for services related to your business.

Ads on Twitter is a powerful advertising platform. The features it offers is on par with other online advertising platforms and also offers additional benefits.

Here are 5 reasons to use Twitter's advertising platform for your business.

  • 1. Ability to do a market research
  • 2. Personal connect
  • 3. Generate high traffic
  • 4. Segmentation and Targeting
  • 5. Relevant advertising

1. Ability to do a market research
Twitter can be used to find out more about your target audience and the market in general. It then enables you to design campaigns specific to those target groups. You can also look at keywords, research to understand the trends in your market. This saves effort, time and cost by focussing heavily on the target segment and demography relevant to your business.
Pixilex can help you with the market research for your Twitter campaigns.
2. Personal connect
Twitter ads platform provides a personal connect with your target customers making it as effective as it can be. Customers see your ads as a conversational and friendly interaction. This creates a high level of comfort with your customers and makes your business, services and products more easy to connect with.
Pixilex can help you personalise your Twitter campaigns.
3. Generate high traffic
Twitter ads is an effective tool to generate high traffic to your landing pages and website. It gives the flexibility to share your website links, your key promotions and business offerings relevant to the target segment you define. This enables customers to receive information, view it, see its relevance and engage with you more effectively. You can also receive customer information that can be useful for future business promotions.
Pixilex can help you generate high traffic through Twitter Ads campaigns.
4. Segmentation and Targeting
Twitter ads give you the opportunity to interact with specific target groups that you would like to push relevant information to. The tweets are consumed by the target audience who would be interested in your products and offerings, thereby giving them an opportunity to engage. Twitter also enables you to target audience that engage with a particular account or a specific topic. This targeted marketing and advertising saves you a lot of time and effort in engaging not only with the relevant audience but the right target segment.
Pixilex can help you with segmentation and targeting for your Twitter ads campaigns.
5. Relevant advertising
Twitter updates are real-time. Therefore, you can generate more engagement with topics relevant to your audience that are currently trending or in the limelight. It gives your customers a feel of the relevance of the brand in today's world and also helps them realise that your brand is up-to-date and caters to their immediate needs.
Pixilex can help you generate engagement with your audience through twitter campaigns.

About Pixilex:
Pixilex is a premier digital and content marketing advertising agency in Bangalore with a single goal, aimed at boosting sales. When it comes to advertising, most would think of magazine ads, TV commercials or billboards, but Pixilex is redefining advertising. It’s all about grabbing the limelight on its clients and their product or services. What makes Pixilex tick, is the core workings of an ad agency, coupled with gritty, creative content that sticks and innovative ways to put it out there for the world to see. The means are endless and the sky’s the limit.
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    Twitter ads is useful for small businesses looking to get noticed online quickly.

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    We will post articles relevant to Facebook for Business, Remember to bookmark our Pixilex blog page.

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    Using Twitter Ads tools can help businesses plan the twitter campaigns effectively.

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    We will be posting articles on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads as well.

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