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What is SEO?
SEO, an abbreviation for search engine optimization is a method of increasing the ranking of a website on search engine results pages to obtain more useful or meaningful traffic.
Why SEO?
SEO is an easy set of steps which yields valuable long-term results. Once your site starts ranking well on search results, you can enjoy a steady stream of strong business leads at fairly low costs.

We at Pixilex have analysed the the best SEO tips and shortlisted the top 10 and picked the top 5 in our report.

  • 1. Optimize for Keywords
  • 2. Write Great Content
  • 3. Social Media
  • 4. Monitor Performance
  • 5. Title, Meta-tags, Meta-Description, Images

1. Optimize for Keywords
Using the right keywords is an important component of your SEO strategy. Employ keyword research tools such 'Google Adwords' to discover how people are searching for your products or services.

2. Write Great Content
Don't settle for good content. Produce 'GREAT' content and establish expertise in your industry. Your customers must this of you as a domain leader who knows the business and industry inside out.
3. Social Media
You will be running a great risk if you ignore this media powerhouse. Social media is a fabulous channel to drive traffic to your website and blog. As you share interesting and engaging content with your customers on social media, they will like, comment as well as share it.
4. Monitor Performance
Employ & constantly monitor tracking tools such as Google Analytics to observe user behaviour on your website. Which pages are drawing the most number of visitors? Which pages are producing the greatest conversion rates? Which keywords are driving most of the traffic to your website?
5. Title, Meta-tags, Meta-Description, Images
It is the most important component for on-page optimisation. Use a proper and relevant title for every page of your website. The title and meta-tags must explain everything about your product.

About Pixilex:
Pixilex is a premier digital and content marketing advertising agency in Bangalore with a single goal, aimed at boosting sales. When it comes to advertising, most would think of magazine ads, TV commercials or billboards, but Pixilex is redefining advertising. It’s all about grabbing the limelight on its clients and their product or services. What makes Pixilex tick, is the core workings of an ad agency, coupled with gritty, creative content that sticks and innovative ways to put it out there for the world to see. The means are endless and the sky’s the limit.
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    Although SEO takes time to be visible compared to Paid Ads, it is important to keep it going to get the best results.

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    We will post articles relevant to Facebook for Business, Remember to bookmark our Pixilex blog page.

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    Understanding how to use SEO and enabling them to work for your business is an art in itself.

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    Remember to check out our articles on Twitter Ads, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads as well.

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