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Like every other industry in the business, the Real Estate industry has the capacity to reach new heights by embracing the digital world and incorporating it in their marketing framework.

The case for online presence for Companies in the Real Estate Business.
Any real estate company should ideally have the following tips as checked in their online marketing strategies list. These tips will ensure a successful online marketing lead generation strategy that will reap benefits both immediately and in the long run.

Pixilex has listed a Five tips for building a robust online presence for your Real Estate company.

  • 1. A wholesome website dedicated to the company and its project
  • 2. Strategic SEO with relevant keywords
  • 3. Social Media Presence
  • 4. Video Marketing
  • 5. Content Marketing

1. A wholesome website dedicated to the company and its project
For a real estate company to rule in the digital realm, a wholesome website that best describes the company needs to be created. This website must be visually appealing with all the details about the company such as its vision, project, address, contact details etc. There is no point in creating online advertisements and social media buzz if there's no precise destination to reach.

2. Create Written Content
This step is completely necessary to increase the visibility of your company's website to a larger target audience. The use of words for the SEO needs to be highly relevant and strategic. The keywords need to be mapped with to the respective area of the project in order to increase the concentration of the target audience. With the dramatic rise in google searches, this technique may work wonders. A well-constructed digital marketing strategy that includes keywords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and PPC ads will make sure that the target audience can easily find the company online. Google AdWords campaign that focusses both on search and display will benefit immensely.

3. Create Visual Content
Regular campaigning on social media makes it easier for the target audience to remember the company. With regular listing of personalized e-mails and continuous publishing of content on social media, the recall value of the company is bound to increase. A real estate company's social media campaign should include publishing photos of the architecture of the buildings and the facilities in its neighborhood. Testimonials of clients and residents of the project can be posted on social media as it serves to be more beneficial in convincing the interested clients.

4. Retaining Customers with social media campaigns
With increasing dependency on technology and desire for convenience and an easy life, people do not really have the motivation or time to visit the property. Therefore, Video content plays a huge role in making it easier for interested customers to get a better look of the properties. Video content may include High Definition virtual tour of the buildings, the neighborhood and positive testimonials of the residents. These videos can be marketed on YouTube and various other social networking sites.

5. Leveraging key-words, pay per click ads and SEO
To truly show the company's expertise in the real estate field, content needs to be created on a regular basis to enhance the company's position as real estate leader. The content must be relevant to real estate and can focus on various topics such as architectural and design trends, environment friendly material, legal formalities in the real estate world etc. It constantly needs to talk about the changes and trends in the industry in order to make it look like an authoritative expert. The content can also show case studies, reports and statistics about the area in which the project is located to further impress the interested customers.

Although Companies in the Manufacturing Industry are well established, they may not necessarily have an awesome web presence.
It is important to be strong in the digital world to stay ahead of technology.

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    Companies in the Real Estate industry can showcase their expertise by being strong online. Most Clients look online for Projects, Design, Testimonials etc.. It is important to have all the relevant information listed online.

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    We have also posted articles on How to build an online presence for other Industries ie. Manufacturing, Education, Technology etc.. Remember to bookmark our Pixilex blog page.

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