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Customers of manufactured goods predominantly start the search for their desired product online thus creating the need for a website with content that grabs the attention of these potential customers and result in a purchase.

The case for online presence for companies in the Manufacturing Industry.
Although loyal customers, word-of-mouth, and partnership deals do contribute to a majority of a manufacturing company's business, it's critical that the use and importance of online marketing doesn't go unnoticed. A company's online presence can make or break the growth trajectory of a company.

Pixilex has listed a six step guide in building a robust online presence for your Manufacturing company.

  • 1. Create a wholesome website
  • 2. Create Written Content
  • 3. Create Visual Content
  • 4. Retaining Customers with social media campaigns
  • 5. Leveraging key-words, pay per click ads and SEO
  • 6. Collaborating with well-established websites

1. Create a wholesome website
For a manufacturing company to move into the digital realm, a wholesome website that best describes the company needs to be created.
This website must be visually appealing with all the details about the company such as its vision, products, address, contact details etc.
There is no point in creating online advertisements and social media buzz if there's no precise destination to reach.
Ideally, a wholesome website is one that looks visually appealing and isn't loaded with too much information (textual content).

2. Create Written Content
To truly show the company's expertise in the respective field, content needs to be created on a regular basis to enhance the company's position as a manufacturing leader. The content can be written or be made into a video. When creating content for the manufacturing industry, the company must ideally try to demonstrate its understanding of their customers' needs and offer beneficial solutions.
It constantly needs to talk about the changes and trends in the industry in order to make it look like an authoritative expert.
The content must focus on explaining how the product solve the customer's problems or fits in with their regular lives.
The content can also show case studies, reports and statistics to keep the potential customers interested in the company even if they are not keen on purchasing a particular product.
As mentioned earlier, too many words on the commercial website may be off putting to several visitors of the website.
Hence, the content can be published in a blog that is linked with the website.

3. Create Visual Content
Most netizens tend to be engaged with visual content more than they are with textual content.
A virtual tour of the company's factories that show the processing behind the product, videos showing the hygiene and safety regulations maintained and videos about how the product is created not only keeps the customer informed about the company but also generates a certain level of trust towards the company.
The content may also include testimonials of clients and various statistical data which increases the company's value.
It wouldn't be advisable to publish all the written and visual content on the company's website as it may contribute to a slow and tiresome browsing experience for the customer.
However, the video content can be posted on YouTube and linked with the website.
Both the blog posts and the YouTube post could be advertised on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
The more visual friendly the website the better as it makes it easier to demonstrate the use of the product.

4. Retaining Customers with social media campaigns
Regular campaigning on social media not only grabs the attention of new customers but also keeps the existing customers aware and loyal to the brand. With regular listing of personalized e-mails and continuous publishing of content on social media, the recall value of the company and the brand loyalty of a customer is bound to increase.
By publishing photos of a trade shows and various events related to the company, the customers are consistently engaged with the company's functioning.
Majority of online buyers tend to check their e-mail every day.
By regularly sending personalized e-mails, the buyers feel more in touch with the company as it humanizes the company in a certain way.
This also makes it easier for customers to give feedback and may also lead to an avenue in which customers feel free to buy products of the company customized by the needs of the customer.
With email campaigns companies can offer special discounts, end-of-the-year gifts and occasion specific offers to their existing customers in order to retain them and further increase their loyalty.

5. Leveraging key-words, pay per click ads and SEO

This step is nothing new to the online marketing Industry.
However, it still holds the most power when it comes to making the company's online presence more visible.
Specially, with the humongous rise in google searches.
A well-constructed digital marketing strategy that includes keywords, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and PPC ads will make sure that their target audience can easily find the company online.

6. Leveraging key-words, pay per click ads and SEO

Since the manufacturing industry is primarily emphasized on products, a collaboration with already established e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Alibaba etc. increase the visibility of the product in the market.
While it does improve the sales of that product it does not necessarily ensure that the customer is interested in the company.

Although Companies in the Manufacturing Industry are well established, they may not necessarily have an awesome web presence.
It is important to be strong in the digital world to stay ahead of technology.

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    Companies in the manufacturing industry can showcase their manufacturing facility, processes, systems online through Visual content to build a lasting positive impression on existing and potential customers.

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