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Technological advancement is a continuous process. The pace at which technology is moving is unprecedented in history and this will only keep moving faster in the future. There are however some technologies that when introduced, make obsolete what is currently new-age. Companies need to watch out for such technologies to stay ahead of competition. Here we have listed our list of top 5 technologies that are disruptive in nature and some of their drawbacks.

Why it is important to keep track of Risks of Technology advancements.
It is important to understand the pace at which future technologies will move because of most companies take time to adapt. It is during this time that most companies move swiftly ahead of competition. Companies need to incorporate the plan a clear roadmap to move to new technologies and phase out old ones. It is equally important to understand the drawbacks of such technologies as well.

We at Pixilex have studied the market and have listed the top 5 technologies with potential disrupting qualities.

  • 1. Internet of things
  • 2. Mobile Internet
  • 3. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
  • 4. Autonomous vehicles
  • 5. Cloud Technology

1) Internet of things
The 'Internet of Things' (IoT) is simply "A network of Internet connected objects able to collect and exchange data." It comprises of two main components: Internet (as the backbone of connectivity), and Things meaning object. For example, a geyser at your home could be turned on by using the internet while you're at work. Internet of Things is gaining momentum and the hype surrounding it is projected to be growing further.
What, then, are the risks of such a convenient technological advancement? The disadvantages of the technology may outweigh the advantages. The main concern surrounding it is the breach of privacy (the possibility of hackers breaking into the system and stealing the data). If all of our information is stored on the internet, people could hack into it, finding out everything about individuals lives. The misuse of information by companies draws major concern. This also paves way for large scale unemployment risking the jobs of various unskilled workers. This further solidifies our reliance on technology and the addiction problem surrounding it.

2) Mobile Internet
The eruption of mobile apps has drastically changed our personal experiences (including activities like socializing, entertainment etc.) as well as our professional lives. More than 60% of the earth's population have access to a mobile phone, and another two or three billion people are projected to join in the coming years resulting in immeasurable reliance on technology. The Millennial generation has already been scrutinized as being lazy and emotionally unstable as a result of internet addiction. Furthermore, this will lead to extensive internet related expenditure which is projected to outgrow that of agriculture and energy as well.

3) Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
The sales of Industrial robots have grown immensely over the years. As robots more inexpensive, deft and safer to use, they'll continue to grow as a preferable but expensive replacement for human labor in fields like manufacturing, maintenance, cleaning, and surgery thus furthering the issue of unemployment and financial security as a majority of jobs will be replaced by AI/automation. This may also lead to a drastic decrease in human as AI machines are script based ones which will see, hear and work but not feel and think. Only humans have this creativity. Furthermore, the extensive addiction towards and reliance on technology will be increased bringing along the usual shortcomings such as extensive energy consumption and increased laziness. Also, these automated technological advancements can be vulnerable to errors, bugs and intentional misuse.

4) Autonomous vehicles
With BMW already incorporating a self-parking feature, autonomous vehicle application promises nothing but growth. However, these self-driving systems may cause more chaos than convenience. The inclusion of such innovations into the market of the common people may lead to huge financial and societal issues as it is bound to make us witness a mix of both traditional cars and autonomous ones. A mix of traditional and driverless cars on the road causes all kinds of unpredictable scenarios.

5) Cloud Technology
Cloud computing in very simple terms, allows a company to use someone else's computing services (usually over the internet) instead of having to run that software on their own computers. While this advancement has created a few advantages such as ease of collaboration, reduction of cost etc., the disadvantages may prove to be a relevant concern. Cloud technology add further fuel to the concern over security and privacy issues. The implementation of cloud technology makes the users more vulnerable to attack which may lead to life changing losses. When you move to cloud, you give all of your data and your company information to outside cloud providers further putting your company at risk of an attack or leak of confidential information. Cloud technology also brings the issues of downtime as cloud computing platform dependencies increase leading to cloud specialist co-ops getting overpowered which result in suspension of business procedures. Although cloud technology solves the problem of travelling it does make the collaboration less flexible in terms of communication and control.

While these technological advancements do tend to promise more convenient possibilities, the shortcomings that it brings forth cannot be ignored.

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    Internet of Things (IOT) will quickly become a defacto technology so it is important to understand the potential risks especially breaches and hacking to safeguard your connected systems.

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