The Future of Mobile Commerce
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The Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce, the browsing, buying and selling of products and services on mobile devices has grown rapidly and exponentially over the years and has significantly superseded other commerce platforms like retail and e-commerce. Promising a complete shopping experience in the convenience of a few taps of a mobile phone screen, this platform has projected monstrous growth in the span of a few years since it broke out.

Why mobile growth means mobile commerce growth.
Initially, merchants used to build specialized mobile sites to adjust with the tiny screens and reduce the impact of slow connections that took time to load a website. This was done to ensure that the consumers had a less uncomfortable experience on mobile devices. However, special mobile sites proved to be a challenge to maintain and often difficult for consumers who were actually interested in making purchase orders. The large scale growth in the use and purchase of mobile phones paved ways for mobile commerce to grow. As mobile devices became more powerful, retailers began to improve on their approach to mobile commerce which led to the development of which offer a cleaner and direct mobile commerce experience. Retailers have incorporated the use of statistics, analytics and onboard sensors to identify the mobile devices and post ads of products and services related to it. For example, an advertisement of an android phone case to someone who's using an actual android phone. This innovation has ensured that the advertisements reach the entire target audience reducing the risk factor. This alone has caused mobile commerce to have an edge over other platforms. The ease of access that mobile phones provide has led to the crowing of mobile commerce as undisputed leader of commerce.

Interconnectivity and IOT will pave the way for an integrated commerce

With mobile browsing having overtaken browsing from a PC, the future of mobile commerce is only expected to grow in the coming years. Studies showing how mobile commerce contributed to the growth of retail sales by 46.8% in comparison to the 15.7% done by e-commerce (computer). Smartphone mobile commerce alone showed a growth of 74.2% in 2016. This clearly indicates that the mobile industry is not only going to grow in immense measure but might become the most popular platform for shopping. This projection holds true due to the various trends in the mobile commerce industry such as Location-based services, Shopping applications, Mobile advertising, Virtual wallets Mobile barcodes and coupons etc. With these, a few predictions are likely to come true for the mobile commerce industry such as smartphones becoming the popular device for mobile commerce due to the incorporation of larger screen sizes, focus on improved mobile-optimized experiences and increase in the speed of connectivity by smartphone companies. The incorporation of conversional commerce by apps via the 'chat' feature between the seller and the buyer further makes it likely that mobile commerce will become the mainstream method of shopping. With the advance of PayPal and PayTm, checkout difficulties in online shopping will possibly be reduced to a one button check out process.

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