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What is Digital Healthcare?
Digital healthcare (sometime called digital health) is new discipline that deals with the use of information and communication technologies to attend to the health issues experienced by patients. Digital healthcare is a multi-disciplinary field which engages clinicians, researchers and scientists with a broad spectrum of expertise in healthcare, engineering, social sciences, public health, health economics and management.
Why Digital Healthcare?
The answer is simple: patients worldwide are now at ease using digital networks and services. Additionally, Mobile Health has proven to be game changer.

We at Pixilex have analysed the best healthcare information solutions and shortlisted the top 10 and picked the top 4 in our report.

  • 1. Practo (https://www.practo.com/)
  • 2. Babycenter (http://www.babycenter.in/)
  • 3. WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/)
  • 4. Find A Doctor (https://www.findadoctor.com)

1. Practo (https://www.practo.com/)
Practo helps you find the right doctors for your problems, and put doctors on the digital space.
2. Babycenter (http://www.babycenter.in/)
BabyCenter India targets new, expectant and actively trying parents and help them find the right information and support. It's a widely trusted parenting resource offering useful advice from experts such as doctors, health professionals and fellow parents.
3. WebMD (http://www.webmd.com/)
WebMD was created with objective of putting health information on the Internet. We provide trusted information, support groups and comprehensive reference material on health subjects pertaining to your need. It's a great source for timely health information.
4. Find A Doctor (https://www.findadoctor.com)
FindADoctor.com is a search site which offers a great way to find the healthcare professional. Doctors and patients can have a secure uninterrupted conversation with each other in the Communication Portal which is encrypted.

Other Digital Healthcare solutions in the space of health management, maternity assistance and health monitoring solutions are listed below.

  • 1. Glooko (https://www.glooko.com/)
  • 2. Propeller Health (http://propellerhealth.com/)
  • 3. Mango Health (https://www.mangohealth.com/)
  • 4. Due Date Plus (www.duedateplus.com)
  • 5. The Bump (http://www.thebump.com/)
  • 6. Scanadu (www.scanadu.com )
  • 7. Withings (http://corporate.withings.com)
  • 8. Lumo (www.lumobodytech.com)

1. Glooko (https://www.glooko.com/)
Glooko is a Silicon Valley enterprise that provides a unified solution for diabetes management.
2. Propeller Health (http://propellerhealth.com/)
Propeller Health is a leader in the mobile space for respiratory health management.
3. Mango Health (https://www.mangohealth.com/)
Mango Health makes easy to use, intuitive and interactive products around daily health regimens.
4. Due Date Plus (www.duedateplus.com)
Due Date Plus keeps a track of your pregnancy milestones, helps look up symptoms and problems and get health plan services for you to enjoy a healthier pregnancy.

5. The Bump (http://www.thebump.
The Bump offers new parents counselling on fertility, pregnancy, birth, and babies with guidance at every step of the way, stylish ideas, local resources and engaging tools -- all in one online community.
6. Scanadu (www.scanadu.com )
Scanadu is a Silicon Valley organization that makes technology devices for users in the medical domain.
7. Withings (http://corporate.withings.com)
Withings is a consumer electronics company catering to the medical field, building high-quality devices for healthcare.
8. Lumo (www.lumobodytech.com)
Lumo builds tools that give useful insight into your behaviour and provide feedbacks that you can act upon.

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