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Mobile marketing will be the future of digital marketing. The last couple of years proved to show immense growth in the sector. As brands demand mobile presence, it is essential for Digital marketing agencies to take notice of these top trends.

We at Pixilex have analysed the top trends in mobile marketing that will be relevant for the next few years. Here are the top 5 trends.

  • 1. Video ads on mobile
  • 2. Virtual assistants on mobile
  • 3. Mobile app indexing and SEO
  • 4. Automated mobile advertising
  • 5. Social ads, Snapchat, Instagram etc.

1. Video ads on mobile
Video advertising on Mobile is seeing rapid growth. Video presents a great opportunity to quickly grab users attention and help them navigate from the video to a website or an app or a specific call to action. This will play an important role in the rise of video ads on mobile. The mobile video market has a potential to cross $10 billion USD by 2018. The market will see growth of mobile and smartphone based TV viewing apps which is another segment brands and digital marketers need to take notice while building a Digital advertising plan.
2. Virtual assistants on mobile
The biggest online and mobile players have invested in researching the user experience of Virtual assistants on the mobile. Google Now, Siri, Cortana etc.. will play an important role in guiding the user to the information they are looking for and create a potential to present targeted and personalised ads. Based on the user's usage and patterns, the assistants will be intuitive enough and direct the users to a target proactively. This is where Virtual assistant or personal assistant based advertising will play a crucial role in mobile advertising.
3. Mobile app indexing and SEO
Mobile apps have seen exponential growth over the past few years. Many Brands have moved from investing in Mobile optimization on their websites to building user friendly apps. Mobile apps present visual appeal, great enriching user experience and friendly user interaction. They are more functional and accessible. Mobile App indexing plays an important role in enhancing your visibility on mobile based search and increases your overall SEO on Google. Brands will invest heavily on mobile apps and mobile based advertising.
4. Automated mobile advertising
Automation in the field of mobile marketing and advertising will be the future trend. Mobile automation will enable analytics from user / customer behaviour and present opportunities for personalised customized advertising. For example, a user searches for a particular Motorola smartphone on his mobile app and searches for the same Motorola smartphone on the Amazon app; the price point, smartphone functionality and location can enable targeted remarketing or alternative marketing to the user over the phone. The collection and usage of such data and automated analytics combined with automated targeted advertising will the new future.
5. Social ads, Snapchat, Instagram etc.
Given the scope of reach of photo sharing as a heavy engagement and viewership, Instagram plays a vital role in this space. Although the drawbacks of the inability to post links on an Instagram post the ability to engage users through creativity will play an important role. With snapchat the ability to use information from the user for targeted advertising presents immense opportunity. Location based advertising and Location based services is another area that has growth potential.

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    Mobility is the buzz word of the future. It is important for businesses to understand and use mobile marketing.

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    Understanding how to use Mobile marketing and translating them into business decisions is important.

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