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Instagram is swiftly becoming a promising platform for brand enhancement, marketing and building a loyal customer/client base. An essential element to any successful visual content marketing strategy, it has become a front runner in social media as it is the most used photo-sharing site.

The case for Instagram.
An Instagram strategy gives followers a glimpse on the everyday work-culture and brand philosophy thus relating with the followers and building a more concrete and loyal customer base as it creates intimacy with their users. People tend to pay more attention to personal photos of their friends, which is a great way to expose your business. Here are 5 reason as to why your company needs to market on Instagram:

Pixilex has studied the Social Media Branding and Advertising space and listed down the top 5 reasons maketers need to use Instagram

  • 1. The alarming growth rate of Instagram and its performance
  • 2. The dominance of Visual media
  • 3. Instagram makes marketing easier
  • 4. Instagram drives monstrous sales due to its high power of convincing
  • 5. Its noise free user experience and clean real estate

1. The alarming growth rate of Instagram and its performance
Instagram has over 700 million active users with 60% of them logging in daily making it the second most engaged network after Facebook. When videos were introduced on Instagram, more than 5 million were shared in 24 hours. Engagement with companies on Instagram is reported to be 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter making it a PR powerhouse. The very statistical receipts showing Instagram's performance alone should be a reason to prioritize Instagram as your top Social Media Marketing Platform.

2. The dominance of Visual media
More than ever before, social media users want to see brands posting visual content. Human beings are visual creatures who fall in love with anything that is visually appealing The human brain recalls visual information a lot more efficiently than it does text due to the simple and clear nature of visuals. Even if you just glimpse the image as you scroll through your feed, your mind has been imprinted with that information and stores it better than text. This alone helps in increasing the recall value of the brand and its advertisements. Instagram is promising to become an undisputed champion of visual content sharing and is achieving visual supremacy at an impressive rate. Instagram as a visual medium lures more users. including an engaging Instagram strategy in your digital marketing plan will help you drive engagement and maximize ROI.

3. Instagram makes marketing easier
Instagram caters to a broader audience easily. Unlike Facebook, which only shows your posts to a small portion of your audience, Instagram posts show up in the feeds of every single one of your followers. This assures you that your valuable content will actually get seen. Instagram is a medium that caters to one and all. People of almost all ages and all walks of life are found using Instagram. The power of hashtags proves to be more fruitful on Instagram as it easily drives users to your company's profile. Instagram is an extremely interactive platform that allows the brands to connect with their audience. Every image or video you post, remains active on your profile for future views. The feature of direct messaging within Instagram can be used in a productive way for addressing issues. This feature has made getting feedback and answering questions extremely easy to manage.

4. Instagram drives monstrous sales due to its high power of convincing
Instagram provides as direct 'shop' button and 'contact' buttons making the entire customer acquisition process a lot easier. There are countless influencers on Instagram having large followings. Instagram influencers can help brands significantly by connecting brands with their target audiences. Furthermore, by picking the right Instagram influencer, you can add greater credibility to your brand. When your target audiences notice influencers endorsing your products or services on Instagram, they are more likely to purchase your offerings. Instagram referrals have been studied as resulting in an average order value of $65 which is considerably higher than other social media sites.

5. Its noise free user experience and clean real estate
One of the main reasons why Instagram needs to be on your social media priority list is because of the noise free experience it provides to its users. The real estate on Instagram is considerably cleaner than Facebook. Platforms such as Facebook and twitter permit companies to spam users with links and hashtags. Getting noticed on Facebook is a challenging task for a small business just starting out. With numerous businesses using the platform, it can be difficult to get found through the on-site searches. Instagram makes tackles this challenge due to its simple and direct approach. Many users prefer looking at a visually appealing image than read a passage flooded with commercial hyperlinking text. Instagram has only one place for a clickable link, that is provided in the company's profile page. A quick look at a cohesive Instagram profile helps enhance the image of the brand in the customer's minds. This element of cleanliness gives Instagram an upper edge for the user, making it a more thought out decision if they should go to your main site or not.

According to a lot of people, Twitter and Facebook are flooded with numerous purchase links and advertisements thus exhausting their user experience. Instagram, however, creates a more realistic and understandable picture of all the communication.

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    Internet of Things (IOT) coupled with Analytics will help marketers find the right model for customer reach and interaction.

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