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Mobile Marketing: A Fast Growing Strategy to Reach New Customers and Grow Your Audience

With mobile devices now being the go-to resource for searching for goods and services on the internet, the time is now to tap into the mobile marketing world. 70% of mobile searches result in action being taken within an hour as opposed a week for desktop, making it clear that mobile device users are ready to make a decision when they are searching with their mobile device.

Why mobile optimization is important.
When your site is not optimized for mobile device usage, you are missing out on a huge demographic of potential customers.

Following are some important points to consider while developing a strong mobile strategy

  • 1. Opt-In Texting Software to Grow Your Customer Base
  • 2. Mobile Technology Is More Than Just a Channel
  • 3. Optimizing for Commerce on Mobile Devices is Essential
  • 4. Reach Your Customers Where They Are

1. Opt-In Texting Software to Grow Your Customer Base
One way to develop a stronger mobile marketing campaign is to utilize opt-in texting software programs. This is an easy to use interface, and one that is invaluable to a growing business. Customers opt-in to receive timely marketing texts from you by providing you with a cell phone number and permission to text for marketing purposes. You can create campaigns that offer time limited deals, discounts on goods or services, or even to provide links to content you have created on your website. When you can reach your customer base instantly through text messaging, this makes all other forms of marketing appear archaic.

2. Mobile Technology Is More Than Just a Channel
Mobile is now more than just a channel to be used in marketing strategies. Mobile is a way to connect with customers wherever they are, in the way they want to communicate. True mobile marketing strategies will include online interactions with customers, through texting, videos, social media and more, and through offline interactions through telephone calls. People want to connect in a number of ways, and a savvy business is going to give the customers what they are looking for.
3. Optimizing for Commerce on Mobile Devices is Essential
72% of consumers want mobile-friendly sites, and they are using their mobile devices to purchase goods and services online. When the site is not optimized for mobile usage, the customer quickly becomes frustrated with the sale. Few customers are going to switch devices to complete the sale. Instead they will head to another business offering a similar product. Businesses that are not optimized for mobile commerce are going to miss out sales, a trend that is only going to continue to grow as more and more people use their smart phones to shop.
4. Reach Your Customers Where They Are
There are over 6.8 billion people who use mobile phones - that's roughly 87% of the World's population. They are carrying their phones everywhere they go, and the average person spends 2.5 hours a day surfing the internet on their mobile device. They are opening their email, surfing the internet and reading text messages throughout the day. Mobile is become multi-faceted as you can now text, email, and call your customers all on their mobile devices. When you are trying to grow your business in today's world, you have to become savvy at using marketing for mobile devices.

With a texting software program in place, you can interact with your customers using social media too. Simply create some great content that your customers want to read, and send a link out through the texting program. Customers who click the link will be redirected to your content. From there, they will be able to engage with the content, share it on social media websites, and potentially bring new customers into your marketing sphere. As you continue to work on your mobile marketing efforts, remember to keep it simple for your customers. Make it easy for customers to make purchases on your website, and create easy to use share buttons so that your content reaches a wide audience.

About the Author: Joel Lee Joel Lee is the SEO marketing specialist at Trumpia, a mobile content delivery service that allows users to customize their one-to-one marketing efforts by interconnecting and optimizing all digital platforms.

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