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What is Digital Marketing for the education sector?

Marketing of products and services using digital mediums mainly on the internet has become the latest trend in today's technology. This evolving technology which has brought change and success in people's lives and which is also embraced by many, more so for those in the education sector. Digital Marketing also involves the strategy which replaces conventional marketing (content based approach) making work much easier.

Role of digital marketing for educational institutes:

The education sector being one of the top industries in the world currently uses social media for their development. Statistics claim that over 70% of respondents in the education industry use social media in their daily marketing activities and over 15 % of education institutes worldwide prefer adding social media to their marketing programs. A survey by marketing charts have found the people of the age group from 18 to 34 own more than 5 tech devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc. Videos game consoles also have become popular among them. From this we can conclude the importance of digital marketing and a good strategy to target the customer according to their needs.

Why use digital marketing to reach students:

1. The audience i.e. students have a good grasp of the internet and search online for matters related to education.
2. Students tend to spend more time on the internet and prefer being indoors watching TV or browsing online rather than being outdoors.
3. Display advertisements play a major role in creating awareness among people and are found to be effective, generating leads.
4. A well-organized website is needed for parents or students to evaluate a school or a college where they plan to go to.
5. Going through online reviews is another option to evaluate an institution and make wise decisions.
6. A user friendly website welcomes and encourages parents and students to raise any queries online.
7. A well marketed website reaches out and educates students with all the information they need.

Advantages of using Digital Marketing for the education sector:

1. Affordability:
Digital marketing strategies which include social media, email marketing and mobile marketing requires less investment and provides good results. Therefore, it is important to target a larger audience and yield better results.

2. Good performance:
The statistics and tools available in the market helps track the performance and implement strategies to boost the educational institutes goals

3. Quick response:
Another parameter is the quick feedback or the response by the students through social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This enables queries to be read immediately and enables faster response.

4. Engagement:
Most students have multiple social media accounts and this makes engagement with the education institute easier. Liking a post, or retweeting a post regarding the institute takes less time however, this goes a long way in increasing the institutes engagement with the audience.

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