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What is Game Marketing?
Imagine employing mobile Web games in your marketing or advertisements. You ought to give some serious consideration-today more than ever before. Yes, they are every bit as effective in the so-called 'boring' industries. Customers enjoy playing games, particularly on mobile. Mobile is now a ruling platform for consumers to engage and interact with brands-both on the web and social media, through apps and via advertising.
Why Game Marketing?
Given the continuous growth of the online and mobile gaming and the engagement it provides with users, Game Marketing has become of the most important forms of marketing in the Online and Digital space.

We at Pixilex have analysed the best benefits of game marketing and shortlisted the top 10 and picked the top 5 in our report.

  • 1. High Engagement
  • 2. Permission-based
  • 3. Social-media Friendly
  • 4. High Conversion Rates
  • 5. Fun

1. High Engagement
Games have over the years achieved regular rates of 86% to 90% engagement. To an organization using a game to further its brand or product, this strategy gets engagement and interaction just by using the game format.

2. Permission-based
Marketing has shifted from outbound to inbound, interruptive to interactive activity and today it is more permission-based and customer-led than ever before. Marketers have been equal to the task by investing more in content and inbound marketing to draw their audience and generate fresh leads.

3. Social-media Friendly
A web game can be posted on social media channels. This is useful because a huge percentage of consumers access social networking sites on their mobile devices and online at large. A game that is able to collaborate fun play on the go with social distribution can assist in spreading your marketing message to your audience and their networks.

4. High Conversion Rates
Games are one-of-a-kind way of marketing, typically since they aren't viewed as marketing. Your game has to be fun, interactive and engaging, so that users and prospective customers can enjoy the game and attempt to increase their scores. Use leaderboards to inspire data capture use the game as part of a contest also helps achieve high conversion rates.

5. Fun
Games are entertaining and pleasurable. They don't have the feel of marketing or work, so players find it a fun way to pass their time for free. Injecting the marketing message into a game format can offer your prospects some fun and kindle interest in your brand message, bring them to learn more about your company.

About Pixilex:
Pixilex is a premier digital and content marketing advertising agency in Bangalore with a single goal, aimed at boosting sales. When it comes to advertising, most would think of magazine ads, TV commercials or billboards, but Pixilex is redefining advertising. It’s all about grabbing the limelight on its clients and their product or services. What makes Pixilex tick, is the core workings of an ad agency, coupled with gritty, creative content that sticks and innovative ways to put it out there for the world to see. The means are endless and the sky’s the limit.

About Pixilex:
Pixilex is a premier digital and content marketing advertising agency in Bangalore with this one goal-to boost your sales. When most people think of advertising they think of magazine ads, television commercials and billboards. Pixilex's outlook is slightly different. They believe it's anything that makes clients and their product/service famous. That is the job of an ad agency. And they make creative content that makes that happen. Then they think of ways to distribute that creative content. It might be through a film, an event on the street, a brochure or something none of us can even imagine yet.
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    Game marketing is the way forward with numerous startups moving rapidly in this space. Dynamic In-game advertising has picked up traction in the past year.

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    Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big data will play an important role in the dynamic in-game advertising and marketing industry.

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