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What is CRM?
Customer Relations Management software has become a vital tool for smooth operations in both larger and smaller businesses. While, earlier versions of were designed to capture and manage only the client information and data, the current versions are wide-ranging and enable companies manage different aspects relating to running the business eliminating the need to invest in a whole host of systems and products.
Selecting the right CRM Tool
Selecting the Right product and Service provider are key factors for maximizing the Operational efficiency and ROI on investment in a CRM product. Decision on a product should be made only after considerable research.
CRM Software: What to Consider
CRM software selection can be made after considering the following factors:
" The features in the software package like, sales and marketing, contact management and employee tracking
" The cost of the software has to be within your business budget
" Ease of use
" The reputation of the software and provider
" The level of support and assistance offered and proximity of the service point
The above key points are essential for making your purchasing decision.

Why CRM Tools are important?
CRM software has evolved to-day from a simple contact management system into a robust tool to manage your marketing, sales, accounting, vendor and other types of operational data. From a growth viewpoint, CRM can be used to find leads. A well-organized CRM can be very useful in winning customer allegiance as key information stored in it will provide useful customer data for providing excellent support and personalized experience to customers. It can also integrate seamlessly with other solutions that you may be using in other areas of your business.
" A safe storage space for a very valuable Customer Data
" Plan like a pro - helps salesmen optimize their daily schedules and prioritize tasks to ensure customer engagement,
" Activity reports - salesmen get their weekly or monthly reports out with a click on a button.
" Targeting - Customer Data segmentation is faster and easier with the search engine and filters. Surfing through the disorganized lists of data is rendered redundant.
" Real-time updating - CRM's shared calendars, templates and e-mail interface bring together the team members and keep them on one page.
" Approach for the new sale in time - Sales people know exactly when customers need to be contacted; for instance, for product replacement, contract renewal, or for moving up to the latest version increasing the chances of closing a sale with minimal time and resources.
" Rationalize your sales moves - Help streamline and shorten the entire sales cycle, Since order processing and preparing quotes is automated in CRM, sales teams are able to reduce production costs and increase sales revenue.
" Know your customers' precise requirement - Armed with Customer-related data tucked up inside your CRM, sales people can analyze the needs of customers and anticipate their issues in time. This improves customer satisfaction level.
" Save money - the reduction in errors like in Sales orders or Quotations CRM helps with.

We at Pixilex have assessed a huge list and conclude on the following Five as Top CRM tools.

  • 1. NetSuite CRM Software
  • 2. Capsule CRM Software
  • 3. ACT CRM Software
  • 4. Salesforce CRM Software
  • 5. Infusionsoft CRM Software

1. NetSuite CRM Software
On Offer is a right package of CRM tools that can benefit your business and is now a product with high level of reliability and efficiency.
" An array of features enable you to connect with clients and employees
" Support and assistance is very good and emails addressed within 24 hours
" Can be purchased as part of the ERP business solution or as a standalone program
" Offers a handy eCommerce feature
" No chat support
" No social CRM application
Verdict - Superb (9/10)
If you want your CRM system to encompass the entire gamut of customer service and support, then this is the tool that would benefit help streamline the processes.

2. Capsule CRM Software

" Competitive pricing
" Google app integration
" Easy to learn and use
" Integrates seamlessly with several third party applications
" Ability to store huge amount of contact information
" You need blind copy of a Drop Box account to store emails other than Gmails
Verdict - Superb (9/10)
Capsule's competitive pricing, ease of use and email service capsule make it worthy of serious consideration.

3. ACT CRM Software

" Options of onsite and cloud based solutions
" Array of valuable features
" An excellent A+ rating from the BBB
" Comprehensive reporting capabilities providing an edge over many competitor products
" A split window design makes multi tasking easier
" Poor connection can make dialing out difficult with this software
Verdict - Great (8/10)
It is turning out to be a solid and user friendly option for those looking for a CRM system with a variety of useful tools and features and ease of use.

4. Salesforce CRM Software

" A very user friendly system and yet efficient
" Cloud based system lessens the data storage need at your end
" Array of features to assist in the smooth conduct of business
" Excellent IT support
" Advanced sales and marketing features compared to some competitors
" Excellent contact management capabilities
" It can be difficult to get hold of a support representative and speak to them person to person
Verdict - Very Good (7/10)
Ease of use and sheer variety of features that come packaged into this program has made it popular among businesses.

5. Infusionsoft CRM Software

" An ideal choice of small businesses and freelancers
" Marketing Automation software with an excellent weaponry of features
" Supports a range of countries including the United States and UK
" Supports a range of OS - Mac, web based, and Windows
" Competitive pricing
" The huge range of features may make the software come across as being too complex
Verdict - Good (6/10)
Value for money to Freelancers or Small Businesses, given its comprehensive capabilities to aid smooth running of your business.

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