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What is ELearning?
Simply put, e-learning is virtual or electronic learning, and usually this means using a system to deliver a course in part and the entire content no matter what the environment is-school, part of your business training or a complete distance learning course.
Why ELearning?
ELearning is everywhere, and it definitely brings with it some amazing benefits such as:
" Scalable
" Capacity and Consistency
" High Learning Retention
" Time and Money Savings
" Activity and ROI Measurements
" Reduction of the Carbon Footprint
" Flexible

We at Pixilex have analyzed the best ELearning Development Programmes tools and shortlisted the top 10 and picked the top 5 in our report.

  • 1. Articulate Storyline
  • 2. Adobe Captivate
  • 3. Lectora
  • 4. iSpring
  • 5. Articulate Studio '13

1. Articulate Storyline
This is the go-to tool for many users out there due to its ease of use and offers some exciting and neat features. Another big plus is the extremely active support community that you get to seek help and support from.

2. Adobe Captivate
Apart from Articulate, this application is a widely used workhorse of the industry. The suite is old and gained from rich experience over the years with positive evolution with every version. As far as ease of use goes, Captivate is much more difficult to come to terms with than Articulate but is just as powerful and effective.

3. Lectora
Lectora is a web-based application that is most suitable if your course is content-heavy. Certainly not as common as the others, yet it is quite a powerful solution.

4. iSpring
If the elearning industry is new to you, you might find difficulty digging out iSpring. Having said that, iSpring is a strong solution. It's simple software to learn since it is an add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint.

5. Articulate Studio '13
A solution from the same team as Storyline, Articulate Studio is an add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint as well. It is a great choice if you want to create a basic course with some interactions and quizzes.

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    Adding as many interactive features as possible to the elearning solution can make the offering more user friendly.

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    Perfecting the UI, UX usine AI and machine learning is an important process in making the elearning solution better.

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