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What is a Smartphone?
A Smartphone is a cell phone that accomplishes most of the functions of a computer, usually having a touch screen interface, access to the Internet, and an OS supporting downloaded apps.
Why Smartphones?
The revolutionary effect of Smartphones comes from their size and connectivity. Due to their size, they are truly personal computers that can fit into your hand. The phone leverages the processing capability of yesterday's supercomputers and utilized it to typical human interactions. The deadly combination of size and connectivity means that this knowledge can be used to narrow gaps in ways that are both professional and personal.

We at Pixilex have analysed the best Smarphones and shortlisted the top 10 and picked the top 5 in our report..

  • 1. Samsung Galaxy S6
  • 2. LG G4
  • 3. iPhone 6s
  • 4. Google Nexus 6P
  • 5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

1. Samsung Galaxy S6
What's good in it?
" Excellent camera
" High-speed processor
" Powerful speaker
" Top-quality screen
What's not so good in it?
" Unintuitive interface themes
" No memory card slot

2. LG G4
What's good in it?
" Excellent adaptable camera
" Sharp and vivid screen
" Leather back feels regal
" Backed by smart technology
What's not so good in it?
" Poor battery life
" Not as classy as S6 or M9

3. iPhone 6s
What's good in it?
" Sharp camera with wonderful additional features
" Touch ID is unbelievably fast
" A powerhouse
" 3D Touch is a lightning quick
What's not so good in it?
" 3D Touch and Live Photos could have wider third-party support
" Battery life is as it was earlier

4. Google Nexus 6P
What's good in it?
" Excellent image quality
" Robust speakers
" Precise design and finger scanner
" Sharp front camera
What's not so good in it?
" Screen colours are a touch hot
" Battery life is not the best
" Needs a smarter camera app

5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
What's good in it?
" Amazing screen
" Sublime camera
" Robust build and design
What's not so good in it?
" Exorbitantly priced
" No IR transmitter

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    New smartphones come up every year and the evolution of features, hardware and software are the fastest in the smartphone industry compared to any other.

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    As newer versions of Android and IoS keep being released, the smartphone performance only gets better.

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