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What is Search Marketing?
Otherwise called paid search, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way of Internet Marketing. Primarily, SEM is a method to drive traffic to your website by buying ads on various search engines. Two terms most often linked to SEM are "Pay Per Click" (PPC) and "Cost Per Click" (CPC).
Why Search Marketing?
The fundamental purpose of SEM is to create huge website traffic by changing and redrafting ads with top keywords.

We at Pixilex analysed the best search marketing tools and shortlisted the top 10 and picked the top 5 in our report.

  • 1. KeywordSpy
  • 2. PPC Web Spy
  • 3. SEMrush
  • 4. SpyFu
  • 5. iSpionage

1. KeywordSpy
KeywordSpy facilitates keyword tracking and allows you to carryout advanced keyword research and receive detailed analysis of the competition. Trace the keywords, study and comprehend different advertising strategies employed by your competitors for their Adwords and PPC campaigns.

2. PPC Web Spy
PPC Web Spy is a competitive keyword research tool which allows you to view and literally steal the keywords some of the other advertisers of the same are using. Use this tool to manage the account yourself, saves time and energy and search organically.

3. SEMrush
SEMrush is another powerful competitive research tool which will let you decide the list of pages and sites that are ranking for your keywords. Carry out an in-depth backlink analysis, take a look at displays from various devices and boost the organic search.

4. SpyFu
SpyFu not just helps in creating the Adword campaigns, but also in building SEO strategies in which keywords play an important part. Not limited to analysing keywords and domain figures, it helps boost your website's traffic and improve connections by keeping a close watch on the competition's keywords.

5. iSpionage
A new entrant to the spy tool market, iSpionage focuses more on PPC in contrast to organic SEO. Boost up your ROI by getting insights about the rival's keywords and ad budget.

About Pixilex:
Pixilex is a premier digital and content marketing advertising agency in Bangalore with a single goal, aimed at boosting sales. When it comes to advertising, most would think of magazine ads, TV commercials or billboards, but Pixilex is redefining advertising. It’s all about grabbing the limelight on its clients and their product or services. What makes Pixilex tick, is the core workings of an ad agency, coupled with gritty, creative content that sticks and innovative ways to put it out there for the world to see. The means are endless and the sky’s the limit.
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    Many new startups have jumped on the SMM automation bandwagon. However, these top players rule the market.

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    Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are companies that will dominate this space for years to come.

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