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Satisfied Customers are the best ambassadors for your brand. Over 65% of people rely on other customer's reviews while buying your products or services. When customers express their satisfaction in their own words across various digital channels, it plays a vital role in building a huge brand value.

When customers share their positive experiences across channels including your website, blogs, social media, it portrays a high level of brand trust that surpasses your marketing efforts alone.
A positive review enhances potential customers taking the call to action you have placed in front of them. It can lead more website traffic, more emails and more phone call enquiries.

Here are Pixilex's list of five ways to get customer reviews to work for your brand..

  • 1. Customer should be able to easily review
  • 2. Respond to customer reviews
  • 3. Build on positive responses of customers
  • 4. Track your reviews and check review sites
  • 5. Share on promo emails, social media and enable brand ambassadors

1. Customer should be able to easily review
The tools and systems in place should help customers easily and quickly review your product or service. They should be able to put in 5 stars and write a quick comment very quickly and easily.
The review forms should be short, easy to navigate and offer an enriching user experience and user interface. You can add fun elements to make it lively instead of it looking drab and dull. When a customer buys a product or service to you, your CRM should enable a request for a review. Quick surveys or polls go a long way in keeping the customer engaged and enable the willingness to review.
2. Respond to customer reviews
When you respond to reviews of your customer, they understand that they deal with a company that cares. This should be done for both negative and positive reviews. Should there be a negative review, it is crucial that you address it quickly so that the negative review don't pile up below it. Provide a customer redressal system to enable them to address and discuss the problems they face. This will build customer confidence and trust and shows a mature way of dealing with the issues they face. Other customers who see the negative review will notice your willingness to address concerns.
You can offer an array of options such as a discount or a coupon code for their next purchase if the issues are genuine and cannot be resolved in the current purchase.
3. Build on positive responses of customers
Showcase your customer's positive reviews on all of your platforms. It can go on your website, social accounts, product pages, service pages etc.. Add credentials to the customers who review positively, A photograph, the product or service they purchased, their designation if available, This will make it more authentic and real. It is important to take the customers consent before publishing on any public platforms.
If you have various product pages, service pages and the reviews are specific to any of them, you can display the reviews categorised by the products or services you offer.
For example if you are a multi-speciality hospital offering paediatric services, the testimonials with regards to the paediatric services can be prominently displayed on that page.
You may also add a new tab altogether dedicated to testimonials. This will enable potential customers to see the reviews in one single page and take enable them to find a specific product or website using dedicated call to actions.
Example: "I found the paediatric team to extremely caring and compassionate towards my child and helped my child regain her health". Ms Alison, Director at xyz.
CTA: Call us now at 12345 to book an appointment.
4. Track your reviews and check review sites
There are numerous review sites that cater to various categories. For example: Geography, Type of product / service, Category. Yelp is one such popular review site which needs to be monitored. Firstly if you can claim your business or create accounts on such sites, it is important to do so, so you can keep track of the reviews. If not, you can use tools to track reviews on your brand, product or service. If these sites offer advertising, you can advertise your brand product or service on the site. If you advertise, make the call to actions easy for the customer to execute. This will also boost your traffic and SEO.
5. Share on promo emails, social media and enable brand ambassadors
Billions of emails are sent each day. On an average, a person has 50 emails in his various email accounts' inbox each day. It is important to grab the attention of the customer in the subject itself. Adding a review in the subject can be one way of building interest in the reader's mind. Sharing on social media and getting brand ambassadors on social media is essential. For example, if a customer has reviewed your product positively, enable them to share it on their social media accounts. This will provide an enhanced brand experience using your customer's testimonials.

Not all customers who are convinced of your brand, product or service may make an instant purchase. But it goes a long way in building a positive brand perception when they choose to do so.

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    Reviews is a great way to recieve feedback and work on where your brand wins and where there are opportunities of improvement.

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    If your reviews are super positive, make sure you claim the business on the site. You can also report unethical reputation damaging reviews to the site admins.

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